“Ghostwood Marches” is a sandbox fantasy-adventure campaign set on Eris, the Isle of Strife and Tears, which lies west of Halbernia, in the Silver Sea.

The Ghostwood is a haunted dead-tree forest sprawling south-west of the Liberated City of Koryn, all the way to the Silver Coast.

It has been a century since the Elven Kingdom of Aramour came under the shadow of corruption. The allied human city of Koryn, betrayed by it’s neighbors in the Kingdom of Hilar, had fallen to the forces of Freehaven, a tyrannical empire expanding rapidly over Eris. With the last bastion of elven-human friendship under siege, the Fair Folk abandoned their ancestral home, and fled across the sea.

The captors of Koryn had little time to savor the spoils of war, however, before ancient horrors, kept in check for thousands of years by Elven Magic, began to stir…

Today Koryn is a proudly liberated, if somewhat anarchic city, defended by a company of Errant Knights, with a puppet government controlled by a ruthless Thieves Guild and a College of powerful Mages. It is dangerous to be in the city; more dangerous still to be outside the city walls.

Ghostwood Marches

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