Ghostwood Marches

Return to the Shadowy Keep

An emissary of the Red Hat Hobgoblin tribe arrives at Crane’s Nest with an ultimatum. Remove all Treefort Sentry Posts from the Grimwood or be attacked by a force of Goblins and Worgs. They claim the sentry posts remind them of Elven architecture and offend their sensibilities, but do they have more practical reasons for wanting them down?

Lance Halforge and Arin the Unfortunate, a Knight and a Court Trickster of a nearby Baron, take up the cause of the village. With them are two Elves in a land without Elves; Lamriel Brightflame, sylvan Bard of the hidden Fey Kingdoms, and Alaeron, an aloof Swordmage from the Far Lands.

The four unlikely hero’s return to a shadowy abandoned keep in the wilderness where they know Goblins are amassing forces, and learn to work together as they struggle to diminish the Goblins numbers (and claim treasure) while staying alive.

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